Butterflies: A Natural History (British Wildlife Collection)Butterflies: A Natural History (British Wildlife Collection)

Butterflies: A Natural History (British Wildlife Collection)

By Martin Warren

I first came across the British Wildlife Collection some years ago when they published the second book in their series ‘Meadows’.  On initial glance this series of books can look a little intimidating to the amateur, however I have found them to be both accessible and engaging.

‘Butterflies’ is the latest addition in their series and is written by Martin Warren the former Chief Executive of Butterfly Conservation.  In his writing Martin gives a insightful view to Britain’s Butterflies somewhat secret lives.  Covering our every changing relationship with them, their life cycle from egg through chrysalis to adult and ends the book with a passionate plea for their conservation.
For me personally, this is the book on Butterflies that I have been waiting for, an in-depth view, that is yet a page turner, allowing me to gain a better knowledge of the insects that inspired me from a young age and inspires such passion for the natural world in my young daughters.


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